Tur(n)ing Strip

It's just a
long tape traced with
endless 1's and 0's
as far as the eye can see,
until I seek myself
and join the ends,
though this sight turns the tape
so that every time you think
you've got the message:

"Go to zero, be at one.
In oneness, all is nothing."

You sense you haven't,
though you are at the same place,
this single surface you know
is doubly illuminated,
because you're stuck again
on the other side.

All these different states
your reader has roamed through
until the emptiness formed
by this self's own site
is struck by a humble heart,
leaving nothing
but the scent of honesty.

This universal message
only moves because it is held
back from my mind.

O majesty! It is magnificent.



Signed message
Is one